Articles about Salus mea and other issues around mobile tele care service


Technology in our view

Technology can be a blessing or a curse depending on your attitude and based on your circumstances. Time has changed and today technology can make things easier for people who have or feel limitations of various kinds. Technology can...

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Salus mea pilot project – Vara municipality

We are very proud that our pilot projects with Vara municipality are getting attention in the local news. The project started in April 2020 in Vara municipality, where Age Labs introduced Salus mea, the first certified mobile telecare service...

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Mobile telecare service pilot project – Vara municipality

Today’s traditional safety alarms have a limited range and only work in your own home. It is not optimal for people who feel insecure and wish to retain an active lifestyle at the same time. To offer new solutions...

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Why should you use certified Digital Security Alarms?

The purpose of the certification is to show that the products meet the requirement for interoperability, according to standard SS 91100. The goal of the given standard is that alarm receivers and alarm transmitters of different brands should be...

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The UN’s 17 Sustainable goals in 2030 agenda

Salus mea, an innovation that contributes to meeting the UN’s 17 sustainable goals in Agenda 2030. Some of the most important opportunities for innovation in the short and long term, respectively, and how we manage risks. Opportunities Salus mea...

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Salus mea is now also certified as an alarm reception for security alarms.

Salus mea is also certified as an alarm reception. We make it easier for municipalities and care providers to receive alarms themselves and manage alarm reception under their own centers. This will help the municipalities to get closer to...

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Salus mea is now certified as a security alarm.

Salus mea is the first certified mobile security alarm that creates security both at home and outside.

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