For relatives

What does Salus mea mean to you as a relative.


Support for relatives

Salus mea can offer support for relatives when they want to be involved in person-centered security for their elderly, long-term sick, or individuals with disabilities. The purpose of the support is to create security and independence for the individuals in and out of their homes and reduce stress and anxiety for the relatives through participation.

When the individual citizens have municipal care, relatives can, after the individual’s approval, be invited by healthcare professionals and be involved in the support Salus mea. Relatives are urgently offered as support for them to be involved in the person-centered security of the individual. In many cases, it can feel good for relatives to still be independent together with the individual. To manage yourself in everyday life through single support in the form of Salus mea

Work is currently underway in 2022 to create an offer for individuals and relatives to buy the support Salus mea as private individuals. Contact us for more information.