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FAQ - Frequent questions & answers


How does Salus mea work?

Salus mea’s mobile security alarm is an app that alerts staff or relatives who are preselected. A voice or video call is automatically connected to more easily communicate and better assess the situation. The app shows a map describing where the alarm carrier is located. If you have chosen to connect to the alarm center, the alarm is automatically connected during the default times or if staff or relatives does not respond first.

Note that Salus mea is silent, no beep when the alarm is activated. Only a discrete vibration is triggered as the alarm is activated.

What are the requirements of Salus mea?

Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Requires 8.1 or later.

How much does Salus mea cost?

Contact us by clicking on the link here or one of our retailers for pricing information.

A nice way to pay for Salus mea if you have chosen to use the free version is to spread the word so that more people dare to go out and do not feel isolated in their homes. New features that meet more needs will be made available and launched here on the web, keep an eye out.

NOTE!  Commercial users may only use Salus mea free of charge for testing purposes for a limited time.

What happens when I alert?

Alarm information is sent to default alarm receivers who can see your position on a map. The microphone and camera capture audio and video from the alarm situation. It is also possible to communicate via a text chat.

You can go back and look at your personal alarm history at any time, Settings > My Alarm History

What information does an alarm contain?

  • Information about the time and place when the alarm was activated
  • The name of the alarm carrier
  • The current address at which the alarm was activated.
  • When an alarm is accepted and by whom.
  • Real-time, two-way communication.
  • Real-time text, two-way communication.

How does alarm reception work with Salus mea?

Salus mea offers certified alarm reception that can be connected directly to healthcare professionals, or existing alarm centers as secondary alarm reception. In-house alarm reception and managing alarm chains as needed is an important part of mobile work. In this way, the customer can take control of all security alarms and alarm data in real-time so the business can focus on increased quality through the analysis of data.

Does Salus mea replace stationary security alarm and GPS alarm?

Yes, Salus mea replaces the need for today’s security alarms, certified stationary security alarms, and GPS alarms that are not certified and do not meet the requirements. Read more about certified safety services here.

Popular questions

What happens if I accidentally alert?

Don’t worry about it. Cancel the alarm and all alarm groups will be informed.

How much battery does Salus mea take?

It depends on the activity. When an alarm is active, both the camera which is used to film and the GPS to show the position is used, which drains the battery significantly.

Other features will affect consumption somewhat, the app will need to listen for activities from the sensors that are active in the background. When Salus mea is only in the background, the battery consumes minimally.

Can I alert without the internet?

In cases where the phone is unable to send the alarm via the internet, it will be sent via SMS.

Does Salus mea work outside Sweden?

It works in the same way as in Sweden, check that your SIM card works in the country where you will be.

Why do I need to enter the country code in the phone number?

Salus mea works with all kinds of SIM cards, therefore the entire phone number with country code needs to be used.

If you are going to type a mobile number with country code, remove the first zero and replace it with + and then the country number.

Example: If you are going to write your Swedish mobile number 0701122334 with the country code, you remove the first zero and type +46.

So it will be: +46 701122334

Is it possible to make a video call without alerting?

Tap an alarm group, staff, or relative to open the view, select Video Call/Call Me

In some cases, video calls cannot be made directly, you can instead send a request to be called.

The features available in the view are determined by your role in Salus mea, individual, staff, or relative.

Can I share my location without alerting?

Tap an alarm group, staff, or relative to open the view, select Follow Me

When you turn on Follow Me, a push notification with a link to a map will be sent where your location will be displayed until you cancel the feature.

The functions in the view are determined by the role you have in Salus mea, individual, staff, or relative.

When is GPS used?

GPS is only used when an alarm is active. Note that the symbol in the status bar (arrow) does not mean that GPS is enabled, it indicates that location services are enabled. When you share your location by using the Follow Me feature, GPS accuracy is not used to save battery life. Continuous use of GPS can greatly reduce battery life.

How does indoor positioning work?

When the phone is indoors, it can be difficult for the mobile’s built-in GPS to make contact with the satellites. Using indoor positioning improves the accuracy of your phone’s location when connected to a wireless network, Wi-Fi, or Beacons.

Beacons (iBeacon/Eddystone) work in a similar way to using Wi-Fi (access points). These are communicated through Bluetooth and are battery-powered providing an easy installation.  Beacons provide an expanded functionality when positioning indoors, showing which room and floor.  Beacon can also be connected to security zones and create more features.

To make it easier to find the alarm location, the property drawing can be linked to the location shown then on the map.

Why does it say "Everything is OK!" on the front view of the app?

A status field that displays information that can be critical and important to take into account. For example, “Internet access is missing!” which means that alarms are instead sent via SMS. The status bar should provide the user with information about things that are important to know and, in some cases, may require an active action but not necessarily.

What happens if I forget my permission code?

You can easily change your permission code in the app, go to My Profile

Have you forgotten your permission code and you can’t access My Profile because you have an ongoing alarm. Contact your administrator who can help you by logging in to the alarm portal.

Is the app available in English?

The app is not yet translated to English, but you can install it if your phone is set to use the English language for testing.

Getting started with Salus mea

How do I get started with Salus mea?

You need to be invited by someone who is already using Salus mea, then just follow the instructions in the invitation to get started.

NOTE! Commercial users may only use Salus mea free of charge for testing purposes for a limited time.

How do I change my user settings?

Open the app and go to My Profile to change the name and permission code.

How do I adapt Salus mea to my needs?

Open the app and go to Settings > to change settings and customize the features.

How do I alert in an emergency

How do I activate an alarm?

Alarms can be activated in several simple ways:

  • Drag the slider.
  • Voice-controlled assistant via Apple Siri and Google Assistant.
  • Timer alarm, which can trigger the alarm at a certain time.
  • Wireless alarm button, Bluetooth accessory.
  • Fall detection with Apple Watch 4 or later.
  • Help contact.

How does "Drag the slider" work?

Open the app, tap swipe right on the area marked with the text “Swipe to alert.”

How does voice activation work with Siri and Google Assistant?

To make it easy, we’ve created a feature that creates a contact in your address book called Help. Read more here Settings > Create a Help Contact

To activate an alarm Say “Hey Siri, call help” if you’re using an iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch or “Hey Google, call help” if you’re using an Android device.

Of course, you can call the Help contact the usual way to activate an alarm with Salus mea.

How does the timed alarm work?

Timer alarm allows you to set a time that automatically starts an alarm when the specified time expires.

  1. Go to Timed alarm, set how long the countdown should last before the alarm is automatically activated.
    Important! 30 seconds before the specified time expires, the phone will start beeping to alert you to the fact that there is a countdown going on. At this stage, the alarm can be canceled or postponed for 5, 15, or 60 minutes via the view shown on the screen.  If you do not cancel the countdown, an alarm will automatically be activated. The timed alarm can be canceled at any time by opening the function or pressing the banner on the main page of the app.
  2. Specify what you will do during the current period and where you will be, e.g. “Going to visit a customer on Randomstreet 5”.  When an alarm is activated, the description will be attached to the alarm information.
  3. Tap Done

If you are out of coverage or if the phone is turned off when the countdown expires, Salus meas server will activate the alarm and send the alarm to your recipients without the phone’s help.

How do I alert with a wireless alarm button?

Press and hold the button on your wireless alarm button for 3 seconds, until the alarm is activated.

How does fall detection work with Apple Watch 4 or later with Salus mea?

An alarm is automatically activated with Salus mea if fall detection on an Apple watch is used.

Learn how to use fall detection with Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 or later to detect serious falls and make emergency calls for you, if necessary. Read more here

How does Help Contact work?

To make it easy, we have created a feature that creates a contact in your address book with phone number +46103340290 called Help. When you call the Help contact, the alarm is activated on the phone. Read more here Settings>Create a help contact


  • Save the Help contact as a favorite to easily call the Help contact when you need to alert.
  • A Doro phone with a built-in safety button can use the help connector to alert with the security button. Read more here

Alarm reception

What does alarm reception mean?

Here, an administrator at the customer creates the alarm chain, when the individual alerts, the alarm first goes to staff and then to the alarm center or vice versa. Relatives can also be involved in the alarm chain.

  • The administrator creates groups for staff and individuals, which days and times the group is active are specified. All individuals who are part of the group see the group in their unit precisely these days and times as specified.
  • An individual can tap the group to do the following without alarming.
    • Follow me, to share their place.
    • Call me, to ask staff to call them.


Who sees my "Last Known Position"?

The purpose of the function is to increase your security. If you suddenly disappear, something that would be completely inexplicable to your relatives or caregivers. In this case, a relative or caregiver may request to take part of your last known position.

Who can request it and under what circumstances is registered in a consent. A request is registered and reported to the principal.

Why use Switch to Front-facing Camera?

When you are alerting, you want the right camera to film. For example, if the phone is attached to the outerwear with a “Clip”, the Front-facing camera needs to be active in case of an alarm.

What is "Add Accessories"?

A wireless alarm button is an accessory, more accessories will be added.

Go to Settings > Add Accessories. Press “Add alarm button” and follow the on-screen instructions.

If your alarm button has previously been connected, it can be identified as busy when you try to add it to Salus mea. In this mode, you need to press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds for it to be reset and identified as free.

How to remove an accessory "Alarm button"?

Go to Settings > Add Accessories.

A long tap or swipe left (depending on the phone you’re using) on the alarm button you want to remove.

Answer “Yes” when asked if you want to remove your alarm button.

What are places?

Places are saved locations, a Wi-Fi or a Beacon, each access point/router is a location.

If you are connected to a saved Wi-Fi or within easy reach of a Beacon,  the saved information is used to describe the location as an addition to the address e.g. “Randomstreet 5, floor 3, apartment 25, bedroom”.

Read more about places here “Popular questions>How indoor positioning works”.

Where do I see my previous alarms?

In the app under > My alarm history

Why make a help contact?

Read more about help contact here “How do I alert in case of an emergency > How does Help Contact work?”.

Personnel features

What is the purpose of the alarm portal?

A portal where staff can administer individuals, staff, groups, relatives, security zones, places, alarm plans, and alarm history.

Log in to the alarm portal here

How does alarm reception work?

In addition to alerting other app users, alarms can be connected to an external alarm center, however, the requirement is that it is certified for security alarms. If an external alarm center is used, they will act according to alarm instructions regulated in your contract. The alarm center’s decision on action is mainly based on the hearing.

Salus mea alarm reception is certified as ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) according to SCAIP. The service enables healthcare providers to create in-house alarm reception.

Contact us and we will tell you more about this.


Why do I need to approve that the app can use location, camera, contacts, etc?

Salus mea needs permission to use features of your phone, primarily to give you situational ways to alert. The app also needs permission for your contacts so you can choose who your alarm recipients are. Other important information from your phone’s sensors, such as the GPS sensor to send your position when you are alerting. The camera is filming while the alarm is in progress, the video is streaming in real-time to your alarm receivers.

You can change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time by going to Settings> Privacy Protection

Important! Changes to Privacy Protection will affect information sent to your alarm recipients when you alert. It can reduce the ability to find you and be able to help. In cases where there is an investigation, features such as tracking and video can be useful.

Can anyone see where I am when I use Salus mea?

Salus mea only displays location data in these cases, an alarm is in progress or when Follow Me is enabled.

The app does not display location data in any situations other than these to protect your privacy.