A word from the founder

After a fall of 30 meters where I slipped into a coma for 20 days and its long rehabilitation as a result, my view on life and what was important changed.

For me, the journey with Salus mea started in the spring of 2008 when the rumour reached me that there was a new smartphone “iPhone”, which would be something completely new.

The trip to New York was booked and I returned home with five iPhones. In 2013, I told my cousin Maria about my idea of developing a tele care service for smartphones. Maria, who then worked at the Swedish Aid Institute, talked about the technical committee for standardization to ensure interoperability in the market of social care services.

The next step was to apply for a membership in the Technical Committee, which would give me the knowledge I needed to develop the connected health service of the future. It was a long-standing job in the committee that gave me a fast knowledge and understanding of the challenges. Through my involvement in the committee, I have been privileged to meet many people in the industry and gained insights that I have been able to use in the development of Salus mea.

“Over the next few years, the majority of the 2.6 million alarm units will need to be replaced in Europe and by then there were no common guidelines that ensure quality in the senior safety industry. Today, tele care from different suppliers work in different ways, which means that the systems cannot talk to each other. Common standards in different areas can, among other things, enable companies to develop new systems in a more cost-effective way. The common standards will make it possible to use different systems together in a safer way and ease communities’ procurement of tele care services.

The focus of the standardization is on the users and their opportunity for an improved quality of life by creating the conditions for extended living in the home environment and more independent and active participation in society. This is achieved by working with all parts of tele care services.”

Text: SIS/TK 574 Trygghetskedjan för trygghetslarm