About us

We have developed software that is at the forefront of welfare technology.



The company has developed a SaaS service that is at the forefront of welfare technology. A mobile way of working that creates person-centered security with mobile security alarms and communication tools for citizens, staff, and relatives. This has been done with small resources by the contractor and consultants. The development has now come so far that a scalable environment needs to be ensured, first in Sweden and then in Europe.

Together with a selection of forward-looking municipalities as key customers, pilot projects are now underway, which will turn into real upscaling of the service to a greater extent. Why we are now building a business with more resources to meet the needs of multiple users and at the same time the need for a safe and stable environment. A team is recruited and financed to meet the development needs that exist and create a long-term build-up of customer relationships. We have a recruitment plan in progress and a capital raising has been completed to cope with a positive cash flow in the coming years.

The Need

A security alarm is obtained through a special assistance decision from the municipality, fortunately, some municipalities can allow the citizen’s need for security to decide instead.

Today’s certified security alarm is a stationary device, an alarm unit that has a wireless alarm button that only works in the home. Today’s security alarms have not developed at the same pace as other technologies. The feature is a phone call and has been so since 1975. When development stands still, laws or what could be normal in the 21st century are not developed.

  • Today’s security alarm only works indoors, it creates a lock-in effect in the home. It does not meet the requirement of the Social Services Act i.e. creating security, independence, and community for the citizen.
  • A sense of security depends on several factors, creating reassurance can be different factors for different people. Therefore, security alarms need to be developed to be able to consider more aspects in order to create security for more citizens.
  • The agreement God och nära vård (Good and close care) between the state, The Swedish Municipalities and Regions and Ekonomirapporten (the Economic Report) from SKR highlight the upcoming demographic challenge for all parties. That we have enough resources to conduct good effective health and social care in Sweden.
the need


Salus mea will be the leading digital security alarm in Europe that meets the requirements of the Social Services Act in Sweden. A person-centered, personalized, and preventive service that meets the needs of citizens and when it changes through the different phases of aging.

The service will reduce the costs to society by, among other things, reducing falls and improving information between individuals, staff, and relatives. We will create an increased quality of life for citizens by creating an easily accessible and future-proofed platform for eHealth services.

Business Concept

Salus mea is a service that creates security, independence, and community for our citizens.

The company develops a mobile way of working and mobile security alarm for a global market, a Saas service that improves the well-being of the individual by meeting the requirements of the Social Services Act in Sweden. The goal of Salus mea’s mobile way of working is to strengthen security and collaboration for good care and close care.

By using existing consumer technology, we reach a mass market with the latest technology at a low cost. The customer saves time and money and gets an increased quality of care that provides a very good overall economy for the customer and us.

business idea