Salus meas mobile security alarm

A mobile security alarm can create security for people who feel unsafe or limited in their everyday lives.

Alert by yourself

Press the screen or wireless button / Voice-controlled assistant (Hey Siri/Hey Google)/ Timer alarm, which can trigger the alarm at a certain time / Call phone number +46103340290. A voice or video call is automatically connected to make it easier to communicate and better assess the situation.

Geographical security zone

When the individual leaves an agreed area, alarms are activated automatically. The safety zone can be adapted according to needs, size, and times of the day.

Digital escort

The individual can independently find their home or through the support of the personnel.

Active search

Relatives or staff make an active decision to seek the individual’s position after the individual’s consent.

Fall alarm

Alarms are activated automatically in case of a fall if the person is wearing a watch. If the user is unharmed and does not need help, the individual confirms that “Everything is OK!” and the alarm is withdrawn.

Control of the alarm chain

Staff can easily create an alarm chain through a web-based interface. Individuals’ alarms are connected directly to staff or emergency services as needed.

Involve relatives

Information can be shared with relatives and communicated via video calls with individuals. This improves the working environment for staff and reduces stress and anxiety among relatives.

Access to data

Personnel has access to real-time data from the security alarms. The business can focus on measures that lead to increased quality and an improved working environment.

Mobile way of working

Administration of certified security alarms, monitoring, and statistics in real-time from mobile, tablet, or computer.



An app for mobile, tablet, or watch

To make Salus mea easily accessible and future-proofed, we are transforming existing consumer products into welfare technologies. To make it easy and cheap to get started and create digital community for all citizens.

Alarm button

A wireless alarm button makes it easy to alarm

The alarm button via Bluetooth can be used to easily sound the alarm without taking up the phone or tablet. Attach the alarm button around your wrist like a watch or wear it around your neck. For an extended range of the alarm button, an infrastructure of Bluetooth hubs is created.


Indoor positioning

Find the alarm site quickly and save lives

When you are in a place with poor GPS coverage, it becomes difficult to find the alarm location. By using WI-FI and/or Beacons via Bluetooth, the alarm location is displayed in the right room and floor on the floor plan.