Salus mea, an innovation that contributes to meeting the UN's 17 sustainable development goals in agenda 2030.


Focus on five Global Goals


Goal 3: Health and well-being

Well-being is often based on the citizen feeling a sense of security. A service that can offer a sense of security can provide support for social community, participation, meaningfulness, and feeling needed. The service creates a social interaction with relatives, friends, staff, and society that prevents citizens’ physical and mental illness.

That everyone can live a healthy life and work for the well-being of all people of all ages is important. The global trend is that people are living longer lives, but in many cases, there is no support system for older people, which is an important part of Salus mea. The service enables a more active everyday life for the elderly and people with disabilities, which in turn can lead to a healthier life.
Salus mea will eventually develop preventive functions, support to prevent risks, and create positive effects such as reduced accidents and suffering. Effects that reduce costs for society.

Goal 8. Decent working conditions and economic growth

We strive to be a stable and responsible employer that offers good working conditions and development opportunities. Good working routines, the right to organize, and human rights are central to us. We work actively with health and safety issues. We do not accept any forms of child labor or forced labor. Through technical improvements and innovation, the company works with a utility structure that shows all the benefits and the value in SEK of each of these. An important effect is more efficient elderly care, which enables today’s care and nursing to be able to care for more people with increased quality.

Goal 9. Sustainable cities and communities

One of the goals is to give the elderly and disabled access to public places. We work for it through security and physical activity that makes more people in the target group dare to go out. The elderly and disabled dare to leave home to shop and visit the public space, which leads to increased independence that increases the quality of life. Citizens can stay at home longer, which means increased security for many, it also lowers costs for society.

Goal 10. Reducing inequality

Utveckla tillförlitlig, hållbar och motståndskraftig infrastruktur av hög kvalitet för att stödja människors välbefinnande med fokus på rättvis tillgång för alla medborgare. Vi ska vara delaktiga i att rusta upp infrastrukturen och anpassa industrin för att göra dem hållbara, med effektivare resursanvändning och fler rena och miljövänliga tekniker för trygghetslarm. Väsentligt öka tillgången till informations- och kommunikationsteknik samt eftersträva allmän tillgång till internet för att minska digitalt utanförskap.

Goal 12. Sustainable consumption and production

We are working towards a more circular use of the hardware with a higher proportion of reuse and recycling. We currently collaborate with the leading European ESG player in the technology industry, ESG means sustainability and the abbreviation stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.


We do not see any direct negative effects of the service. It is important that long-term sustainable technology for hardware, mobile, tablets, and watches is developed to reduce environmental impact by allowing parts and materials to be reused or recycled.