Mobile telecare service pilot project – Vara municipality

Projekt inom mobila trygghetslarm

Today’s traditional safety alarms have a limited range and only work in your own home. It is not optimal for people who feel insecure and wish to retain an active lifestyle at the same time.

To offer new solutions to its residents, Vara municipality, together with Lin Education and Age Labs, is working on Salus mea, a mobile telecare service pilot project. Together with the municipality and our suppliers, we will develop the product and work on processes to offer the best possible mobile telecare service to the municipality residents.

“We know that today’s traditional safety alarms need to be replaced by mobile solutions. People should not be limited by the fact that the security alarm only works in their own home. It is important to be able to maintain an active lifestyle as long as possible and at the same time be able to feel safe”, says Jonas Dahlin, Digitalisation Strategist from Vara municipality.

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