Why should you use certified Digital Security Alarms?

The purpose of the certification is to show that the products meet the requirement for interoperability, according to standard SS 91100. The goal of the given standard is that alarm receivers and alarm transmitters of different brands should be able to communicate with each other and function in a safe and secure manner.

In the next few years, more than 2.6 million alarm units will need to be replaced in Europe, and there are currently no common guidelines that ensure the quality of the security chain. Today, security alarms from different suppliers work in different ways, which means that the systems cannot talk to each other. With common standards in different fields, you can get companies to develop new systems in a more cost-effective way. The common standards will make it possible to use different systems together in a safer way and facilitate municipalities’ procurement of security services for security alarms.

The standardization focuses on the users and their opportunity to improve quality of life by creating conditions for extended living in a home environment and more independent and active participation in society. This is achieved by working with all parts of the security chain for security alarms.

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