Get started with Salus mea

Download Salus mea to your iPhone and iPad.

Salus Mea Mobil App


This is the view that meets you the first time you start Salus mea. To continue, press Get started with Salus mea.

Salus Mea Mobil App


Enter your user ID and enter your own authorization code. Permission code is used, among other things, for you to later cancel an alarm.

Salus Mea Mobil App


For the app to work properly, Salus mea must request access to services in your phone. Print and approve all notes. You must accept access to everything the app requests for it to work.

  • Bluetooth, external alarm button and indoor positioning
  • Location information, show alarm location
  • Contacts, send alarms to other Salus mea users
  • Camera, video call
  • Voice recognition, alarm via voice
  • Microphone, record sound to alarm
  • Notify, notify at important events and settings
Salus Mea Mobil App


You are now done with the login! A short wizard will now show you the most important buttons in the app.

Salus Mea Mobil App


To add a contact.

Tap on an empty slot My Contacts > Add Contact. Your phonebook will now open. Select a contact and their mobile number. Note that all numbers must be saved with international formatting. E.g +46 70 1234567

Salus Mea Mobil App


See the headline Settings > Functions for important features. Here are also features that we want you to test and provide important feedback. It will help us to develop Salus mea to be even better so we can help more.

Salus Mea Mobil App


Now salus mea is ready to use.

To start an alarm Press and hold for 3 seconds. Read the FAQ for more ways to alert.

Vi är glada att kunna meddela att vi lanserar Salus mea för ett begränsat antal. Genom att registrera dig för tidig access kommer du att vara först med att använda tjänsten, dessutom helt kostnadsfritt!