Get started with Salus mea

Download Salus mea to your iPhone/iPad or Android phone

Salus mea Salus mea

Watch the video to get started with Salus mea.


This is the view that you see when you start Salus mea for the first time. To move on, press

”Kom igång med Salus mea”.


Make sure your user ID is filled in. If it is missing, you will find it in your invitation sent via SMS or Email. Then press “Logga in” to continue.


For the application to function correctly, Salus mea must request access to services on your phone. Press and approve all notifications. For the application to work, you need to accept all requests.

  • Bluetooth,  external alarm button and indoor positioning
  • Location information, show location of the alarm
  • Contacts, send an alarm to other Salus mea users
  • Camera, videocall
  • Voice recognition, alarm by voice
  • Microphone, record sound to alarm
  • Notify, notify at important events and settings
  • Important warnings always play a sound even if the sound is muted.


You are now done with your login! A short guide will now show you the most important buttons in the application.


To add a contact.

Press on a free space under Mina Kontakter > Lägg till kontakt. Your phonebook will now open. Select a contact and the person’s mobile number. 

Note that every number has to be saved in an international format e.g.+46 70 1234567.


This step only applies to you who have been invited via email. If you have received an invitation via SMS, your telephone number has already been verified. Follow the onscreen instructions to verify your phone number.

Enter your telephone number with country code e.g. +46 712345678.


Now Salus mea is ready to use

To start an alarm, press and hold for 3 seconds.

Read the FAQ for more ways to alert.