The service has three main target groups

The user

Salus mea was created for you, who feel like improving your safety without having to isolate yourself at home, or for the ones that want to maintain safe throughout their entire life and retain an active lifestyle.


Relatives can take part of daily activities, health status or receiving alerts. Either directly or afterwards if you are not able to have the primary responsibility.


The services for healthcare providers are produced to support the user at home and/or distance. Some examples of the services provided by Salus mea are creating geographic comfort zones, escorting, or finding user by using GPS positioning.

Salus Mea Mobil App

A digital telecare service that works outside your home

Personal alert

With Salus mea, the user can alert by themselves. A button can be discreetly integrated into a wristwatch or a built-in function in your mobile phone. This requires that the user understands and are able to activate the alarm.

Customized chain of alert

The alert goes directly to pre-chosen people such as relatives, friends and/or caregivers. If the alert goes unanswered then the alert goes to the emergency services that are operated 24/7.

Follow me

If you feel unsafe you can share your location with a friend or relative. That person can follow you on a map until you feel safe again and you can easy stop sharing your location.

Alarm in case of falling

Salus mea activates an alarm when the phone detects a fall. This function can easily be turned on and off to avoid possible false alarms.

Geofencing and safety zones

You can choose which zones are safety zones where the user can move freely. If the user leaves that premises the alarm will be activated.

Timer alarms

Alarms activate automatically after a chosen time and place if the user would happen to be unconscious or incapable of alarming themselves.

Video calls

Salus mea offers the user video calls to selected contacts. Video calls are an optional alternative in situations where you would like to see and talk to the user.


Relatives or caregivers can decide to search for the users by finding their GPS position. Positioning can be done by the emergency SOS HC that announces where the phone is located.

Digital escort

Salus mea’s walk assistance creates safety for people with a cognitive impairment like having trouble orienting outside.

The concept

A unique connected telecare that prevents physical and mental illness by increasing the users actual and perceived safety. We have created a mobile service that take seriously about the concept around safety and not only a unmobile safety phone that today’s public system offers. There are many more aspects to consider, how these should be used and integrated
into the system will be explored and implemented on an ongoing basis.
Salus mea’s individualized adapted service can be updated to fit the users changing needs. Salus mea’s safety concept is about increasing knowledge about your health and collect the shared information in one place. By combining reactive services with external data sources such as sleep, medication, weather, blood pressure, food menue, etc., new sub-services such as fall prevention are created. Salus mea is constantly under development with new software updates that are designed to improve functionality and introduce new features. All so that you as a user can feel as safe as possible.


An important note is that 67% of all 55-85-year old’s carries a smart phone that can be connected to the internet. Building our concept on a consumer product makes the service not only easily accessible and open but also enable the creation of a mobile service never seen before.

Big Data

Evidence based research in several areas forms the basis for collecting and analyzing data to detect and eliminate risks that can lead to poor physical and mental health. Salus mea collects and packages this information to the user in an easily accessible and user-friendly way.

Fall Prevention

The sub-services will include an estimation of the user’s conditions in different areas, such as the risk of falling, how to set individual goals and how specific activities can be carried out to reduce the risk of falling that can result in bodily injuries.


An open platform gives other suppliers the opportunity to offer services that helps Salus mea meet more needs of more users. Connecting external accessories, e.g. blood pressure gauges and activity bands to inform about current health conditions that enable self-help assistance.


The calendar section is a collection of planned activities such as home-service visits, medical reminders, food notes, exercise, and other joint- or important activities.


Different needs for care as a result of a great diversity. The system adapts to different conditions and will only learn more and more, resulting in better and better conclusions (artificial intelligence).

Vi är glada att kunna meddela att vi lanserar Salus mea för ett begränsat antal. Genom att registrera dig för tidig access kommer du att vara först med att använda tjänsten, dessutom helt kostnadsfritt!