Apply for early access

We are happy to announce that we are releasing Salus mea for a select few.

You need to meet these requirements to use Salus mea

  • The senior must have an iPhone or iPad
  • All relatives must have an iPhone or iPad with the Salus mea app
  • All user iPhones or iPads must have a valid SIM card with mobile data, SMS and phone calls.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

When applying for early access note that you will be one of the first to use and have an impact on the development of creating the best service we can provide. This help is vital for us since it will let us find bugs and crashes before we release the service to the public.

Early users will get access to the Salus mea mobile application, new versions will be released on a monthly or even weekly basis. The feedback we receive from early users gives us the possibility to find and resolve future problems, comments are also used to create a Salus mea that fits the user needs.

The primary reason to apply for early access is to help us create the best service we can. As thanks for this help, all users and relatives to those users will be able to use Salus mea for free, without a time limit.

Enter your email address now and we will reply with an invite to our service!

We want to be as open as possible by stating: In most cases, there will not be new features in the versions released monthly. In some rare cases we can test out a new feature and ask for feedback, but most of the time the new versions will only resolve the problems found in the older versions that have been reported by users.

No, use it as you would normally, however, please leave comments about the service and report any problems you have encountered.

Note that we have restricted a few early users on iOS from using the service. From time to time we remove inactive users to make space for new users.

To apply for early access you only need to enter your email address below and press “Send”. 

Note! There is only a limited amount of early users we can handle, from time to time we remove inactive users to make space for newer users.

Just delete the Salus mea app from your phone. Contact us if you want us to delete your personal data.

By default, we send an email whenever there is a new version of that app that needs testing. If you would not like to receive these emails, click on the “Cancel” which you will find at the bottom of the emails.

In the app, there are buttons labeled “Leave comments”. If you click on one of these buttons you will be able to send an email where you can describe your concerns. In the menu Settings > “Contact us” you will find an email address where you can report your concerns to us.

We will not respond to every individual report, but all problems reported will be forwarded to the right team, and we will do our best to resolve them. Needless to say, the more information you give us, the higher the chance of us being able to reproduce and resolve the problem. In certain cases, we can respond and ask for more information on the issue.

In rare cases, you can experience problems from the latest version. If you experience issues, please let us know about the problem by reporting it. Since you will want to keep using Salus mea, we can provide an earlier version of the app if you contact us about wanting to install a previous version of Salus mea. Hopefully, this will be able to help you until we resolve the problem in the upcoming version. 

Vi är glada att kunna meddela att vi lanserar Salus mea för ett begränsat antal. Genom att registrera dig för tidig access kommer du att vara först med att använda tjänsten, dessutom helt kostnadsfritt!