About Salus mea

Emanuel Vedefors

A word from the founder

After a fall of 30 meters where I slipped into a coma for 20 days and its long rehabilitation as a result, my view on life and what was important changed.

For me, the journey with Salus mea started in the spring of 2008 when the rumor reached me that there was a new smartphone “iPhone”, which would be something completely new.

The trip to New York was booked and I returned home with five iPhones. In 2013, I told my cousin Maria about my idea of developing a telecare service for smartphones. Maria, who then worked at the Swedish Aid Institute, talked about the technical committee for standardization to ensure interoperability in the market of social care services.

The next step was to apply for a membership in the Technical Committee, which would give me the knowledge I needed to develop the connected health service of the future. It was a long-standing job in the committee that gave me a fast knowledge and understanding of the challenges. Through my involvement in the committee, I have been privileged to meet many people in the industry and gained insights that I have been able to use in the development of Salus mea.

“Over the next few years, the majority of the 2.6 million alarm units will need to be replaced in Europe and by then there where no common guidelines that ensure quality in the senior safety industry. Today, telecare from different suppliers work in different ways, which means that the systems cannot talk to each other. Common standards in different areas can, among other things, enable companies to develop new systems in a more cost-effective way. The 

common standards will make it possible to use different systems together in a safer way and ease communities’ procurement of telecare services. 

The focus of the standardization is on the users and their opportunity for an improved quality of life by creating the conditions for extended living in the home environment and more independent and active participation in society. This is achieved by working with all parts of telecare services.”

Our history


The Västra Götaland region grants funding for the newly started innovative company Age Labs AB. Start-up technology- and knowledge-seeking companies are qualified to apply for funding to develop a product, service or concept.

A new company for Salus mea is formed, called Age Labs AB. After completing the phases, needs analysis, concepts, mockup and minimum viable product (MVP), the work is completed on developing the first version for testing, verification and certification.


Salus mea is one of four startups in Tieto’s AI Accelerator Program, an initiative to support Swedish startups who want to develop new healthcare solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The purpose of the AI Accelerator Program is to help companies explore the possibilities with the latest technology and speed up the process from brainstorming to functional services.

Salus mea becomes part of Framtidens företag, the incubator offers Salus mea business development to grow through the incubator program.


Marie Sjölinder presents the results of the VGR-funded research project. “The use of mobile technology to increase self-sufficiency and independence among the elderly. There are a growing number of services that support the safety and security of the elderly both indoors and outdoors. Despite this, there is a need for safety service that can handle both the indoor and the outdoor environment in the same service and that can provide additional functionality based on individual needs. We propose a new connected health solution with a wide range of services that can be adapted to many different users and use situations.”

Granted support from Vinnova of SEK 1.9 million. Due to the coordinating activities’ lack of ability to fund the grant, the grant could not benefit the Salus mea project.


The Västra Götaland region grants funding for R&D, Basic and Advanced for research projects that underlies Salus mea. The purpose of the project was to create a needs analysis and a concept for the future telecare service, the project is carried out with Chalmers, RISE, BOID and Norrköping municipality.

The Growth Agency, Startup-Sweden has appointed the project Salus mea to 1 of 10 companies that are the most promising digital IoT startups in the country.


Member of the Swedish Technical Committee, SIS / TK 574 with the aim of creating a standard for digital teleace services.

The focus of the standardization is on the users and their opportunity for an improved quality of life by creating the conditions for extended living in the home environment and more independent and active participation in society. This is achieved by working with all parts of the telecare services.


In April 2008, my friend and I Johan decided to go to New York. Rumor had reached me that there was a new mobile phone called “iPhone”, it was something completely new. We bought 5 iPhone 1, the price was a modest 199 USD each. We had a visit to Cafe Wha? before we return home.


On a ski trip to Val-d ́Isère, my life changed in many ways. Everything went fast, at the nightclub Valand made the decision and the next day I sat in the back seat of a Golf with some friends. We would go off-piste with a guide for a week in France, then I would fly back to Greensboro to continue my assignment for my employer, Xdin Inc.

The trip ended with a 30 m high fall, 20 days in a coma at the Grenoble hospital and with long rehabilitation that followed.


2017 Letter of Support, IBM Watson

IBM is eager to help Swedish entrepreneurs and startup companies make use of the latest IBM technology to power their journey becoming globally competitive businesses.

Salus mea project is one such exciting project and team we look forward working with.

IBM are willing to help Salus mea define, build, launch and scale its service through activities and services under our Local Entrepreneur Program.

Among other:

Define use of Al and machine learning algorithms: From IBM expertise in Al and data science, help define how Al or ML can be used to improve the Salus mea service for it’s users.

Help building the service: Introduce IBM business partners trained in Watson and data science to develop functionality in the Salus mea service. Functionality will be developed on IBM cloud platform Bluemix including Watson cognitive services, loT connectivity, data management and cloud infrastructure. The most powerful capabilities at free or pay-as-you-go cost.

Go-to Market & New Customer Acquisition: through co-marketing and IBM global marketplace, help Salus mea break through the noise and find and attract more clients.

Urban Roth
Business Development Executive
IBM Channel & eco systems

IBM Watson

2016 Letter of Support, Göteborgs stad

Göteborgs stad vill gärna ge vårt stöd till Salus meas VINNOVA-ansökan för att säkra medel för en förstudie av trygghetslarmet.

Göteborgs stad ser positivt på, och vill stödja, en utveckling av framtidens trygghetslarm. Vi ser ett stort behov av en vidareutveckling av dagens trygghetslarm för äldre och vill bidra till att projektet får tillgång till äldre personer  i användarstudier så att produktens kapacitet kan kvalitetssäkras utifrån krav enkelhet och användarvänlighet samt driftsäkerhet, tillgänglighet och pris.

Skulle Vinnova-ansökan vara framgångsrik bidrar vi gärna med att förmedla kontakter med äldre personer som vill medverka till utvecklingen av nya trygghetslarm.

Med vänliga hälsningar

Kersin Karlsson
Chef Senior Göteborg och samordnare av programmet “Attraktiv Hemtjänst”
Senior Göteborg

Göteborgs Stad

2015 Letter of Support, RISE Acreo Swedish ICT

Acreo Swedish ICT vill gärna ge vårt stöd till VINNOVA-ansökan för att säkra medel för att vidareutveckla trygghetslarmet Salus mea.

Acreo Swedish ICT AB är ett forskningsinstitut ingående i koncernen Swedish ICT AB, som i sin tur ingår i RISE. Institutets huvuduppgift är att möjliggöra utveckling av nya produkter och tjänster till nytta för samhälle och företag. Ett av nyckelområdena är “Life science” inom vilket vi bedriver projekt där Salus mea ansluter väl. -[ex projekten “Wearable sensors in smart textiles” och “MuSyQ”, vilka syftar till utveckla sensorteknik för monitorering av olika neurologiska sjukdomar.

Motivet för oss att genomföra ovanstående projekt och att ge vår support till Salus mea, är att vi önskar bidra till en bättre, effektivare och mer jämlik hälso-och sjukvård. Genom utveckling av enkla och kostnadseffektiva sensorsystem, vilka kan ge läkare och vårdpersonal, objektiv information om patienter och äldres hälsostatus under länge perioder, kommer läkare och vårdpersonal att ha ett bättre och säkrare underlag för behandling. likaså, kan patienter och äldre som bor utanför de större städerna, där hälsa- och sjukvården inte är lika väl utbyggd, får tillgång till korrekt behandling.

Salus mea kan bli en framtida digital plattform för kommunikation och vidareförmedling av sensordata från patient och äldre till läkare och sjukvårdspersonal, och därmed möjliggöra det breda utnyttjande av sensorteknologi i hemmet vi hoppas på.

Acreo Swedish ICT AB avser att följa vidareutveckling av Salus mea för att i ett senare skede ansluta plattformen till vår sensorteknologi, alt. bidra med ICT och sensorkompetens på annat sätt.

Sara Bogren
Business Manager Life Science
Acreo Swedish ICT AB


2015 Letter of Support, Norrköpings kommun

Testmiljö Norrköping vill gärna ge vårt stöd till Salus meas VINNOVA-ansökan för att säkra medel för att utveckla digitala trygghetslarm.

Testmiljö Norrköpings syfte är att testa produkter, tjänster och arbetsprocesser som möter äldres behov av att bibehålla sitt oberoende och öka möjlighet till kvarboende.
Vi ser ett stort behov av att vidareutveckla dagens trygghetslarm för äldre och vill bidra till att Veprox AB får fram underlag för detta från berörd personal inom offentlig verksamhet, äldre och deras anhöriga.
Skulle VINNOVA-ansökan vara framgångsrik deltar vi gärna som testpiloter och erbjuder möjlighet att delta i utvecklingsarbetet.

Med vänliga hälsningar,

Magnus Johansson
Vård- och omsorgsdirektör

Tack till!
Ann-Christine Larsson, projektledare

Norrköpings stad

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