Smart safety alarm with super power

that strengthens person-centered security and collaboration for good care and close care.

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Security alarm

Salus meas mobile security alarm

A mobile security alarm can create security for people who feel unsafe or limited in their everyday lives. For example, it may be that one person needs escorting or help to walk to the store.

  • Dynamic alarm chain
  • Alert by yourself
  • Geography Security Zone
  • Active search
  • Digital escort
  • Fall alarm
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Communication tools

Salus meas communication tools

Through Salus mea’s unique service, you can easily communicate between the citizen and different professions via video calls.

  • E-supervision
  • Medical contact
  • Rehab or SSK
  • Drug intake
  • Aid reconciliations
  • Trustee
  • Be my eyes
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User stories


Digital development is a must to manage the business and to improve the conditions for healthcare and care employees. Modern IT support combined with better access to information also means that employees’ skills are used smarter and the working environment is improved.

– p.47, The Financial Report (Ekonomirapporten)

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