Connected Health in your Phone

The first-ever certified telecare service for your phone that ensures safety at home and when outside


Safety for active ageing

Salus mea meets the requirement of the Social Services Act and is the first certified telecare service for the mobile phone. Salus meas’s service meets the individual’s needs as soon as they are needed and through all phases of aging with modern, simple and discreet technology.


With the use of the phone the user always carries their telecare service and alert if an emergency were to happen. Not only does it safeguard the user but also their near and dear.


A digital connected health tool that allows you to live at home longer and live a more independent life. With a continued self-responsibility and access to self-aid.


Unlike other traditional telecare that increases the isolation in the home, Salus mea contributes to a safer and more active life that gives meaning in community with others.

The service has three main target groups


The user

Salus mea was created for you, who feel like improving your safety without having to isolate yourself at home, or for the ones that want to maintain safe throughout their entire life and retain an active lifestyle.

Key benefits
  • Increases safety and independence whilst being outdoors
  • Facilitates participation in a social community, mitigating physical and mental illness
  • Allows for a more active lifestyle, contributing to an improved quality of life and health


Relatives can take part in daily activities, health status, or receiving alerts. Either directly or afterward if you are not able to have the primary responsibility.

Key benefits
  • Provides peace of mind, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Minimizes level of supportive care and nursing
  • Allows for increased supervision and participation


The services for healthcare providers are produced to support the user at home and/or distance. Some examples of the services provided by Salus mea are creating geographic comfort zones, escorting, or finding user by using GPS positioning.

Key benefits
  • Increases the possibility of extending ordinary housing
  • High quality of care
  • Lowered total cost of care

Salus mea in 2 minutes

Why Salus mea?

A digital telecare service that works outside your home

Personal alert

With Salus mea, the user can alert by themselves. A button can be discreetly integrated into a wristwatch or a built-in function in your mobile phone. This requires that the user understands and are able to activate the alarm.

Customized chain of alert

The alert goes directly to pre-chosen people such as relatives, friends and/or caregivers. If the alert goes unanswered then the alert goes to the emergency services that are operated 24/7.

Follow me

If you feel unsafe you can share your location with a friend or relative. That person can follow you on a map until you feel safe again and you can easy stop sharing your location.

Alarm in case of falling

Salus mea activates an alarm when the phone detects a fall. This function can easily be turned on and off to avoid possible false alarms.

Geofencing and safety zones

You can choose which zones are safety zones where the user can move freely. If the user leaves that premises the alarm will be activated.

Timer alarms

Alarms activate automatically after a chosen time and place if the user would happen to be unconscious or incapable of alarming themselves.

Timer alarms

Salus mea offers the user video calls to selected contacts. Video calls are an optional alternative in situations where you would like to see and talk to the user.


Relatives or caregivers can decide to search for the users by finding their GPS position. Positioning can be done by the emergency SOS HC that announces where the phone is located.

Digital escort

Salus mea’s walk assistance creates safety for people with a cognitive impairment like having trouble orienting outside.

Early access

We are happy to announce that we are releasing Salus mea for a select few.

  • This is required to use Salus mea

    • A device, iPhone, Android, Apple Watch or iPad
    • A valid SIM card with support for Mobile data, calls and SMS
    • Note. Salus mea apps are currently only available in Swedish.